Bulk Enquiries

We offer various types of pillows to choose from. Our pillows provide relief from stress, anxiety and pain. Optimum Neck Support - Provides undisturbed sleep Microfiber Fillings - For Extra Softness Hypo-allergenic Material - Keeps allergens and bacteria away Peach Finish Outer Fabric - Gives Smooth Finish hotel use pillow pillow for hotel comforter for hotel mattress protector for hotel high quality pilllow for hotel pillow bulk pruchase comforter bulk purchase wholesaler pillow wholesaler quilt double bed sheet satin stripe bed sheet pillow cvoer quilt cover duvet cover wholesaler jaipur microfiber pillow in india wholesaler pillow wholesaler in jaipur bulk buyers

The right price, at the right moment, to the right customer

Bulk purchasing is the purchase of much larger quantities than the usual, for a unit price that is lower than the usual. 

Try sample first by ordering any product. We maintain same quality standards for Urban Basics products and bulk orders.  

Feel free to ask questions about bulk purchase, especially in order to resolve a doubt. 

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