Collection: Mattress

Isn't it frustrating to choose a mattress for yourself given how confusing it is out there in the market and which mattress should be the one for you? Some mattresses are too soft but give you a backache and some are so stiff that are uncomfortable. It gets confusing as to how to choose the perfect mattress but your search for a mattress has come to an end.
Urban Basics brings you the best selection of mattress for you to choose a mattress that is perfect for anyone and everyone. Offering in every size be it single, Diwan, Queen, King and much more.
While Urban Basics Dual Sided Foam Mattress is designed with two firmness levels in one mattress. On the top side, you can get a soft feeling. For the bottom side equipped with high-density foam, you can get a firm feeling. Flip the mattress to your preferred side and doze to sweet dreams.
The Urban Basics Orthopedic mattress is ergonomically designed to relieve body pain and align your spine.