Daily Habits for Keeping Your House Clean and Tidy

Daily Habits for Keeping Your House Clean and Tidy


With people getting busier with their life it's getting difficult for them to keep their place neat. And having house help is a luxury not everyone can afford. We all get it that after a long day at work, you just want to lay on your couch but if your house is untidy and is not welcoming enough it could tire you even more.

Living in a messy place can turn your life into chaos as well. It can affect your mental health and in extreme cases, it can cause depression. 

Cleaning and keeping your house orderly at all times could sound like a mammoth task but if you follow a routine it would be easier for you to clean your home without having to give up your whole energy. By following a very few steps, you can make your home a healthy and peaceful place to live in. We present you with some great tips to keep your house tidy.

# The 20 Seconds Rule

The 20 seconds rule states that if the task can be completed in 20 seconds it should be done immediately. it may sound that it's not a big deal but if you see it from a broader perspective think how many things could be done with less amount of time.

For example, putting magazines and books back on the shelves, keeping the dishes back into the kitchen. The idea behind this is that small task which can be done in 20 seconds should be done immediately within the said 20 seconds, this will not only keep the house tidy at all times it will also be easier for you to do a small task one at a time than cleaning the whole house in one go.

#Make Your Bed Every Morning

We all know it is a hassle to make your bed every day. But after a long tiring day, you want to just lay on your bed though if your bed is messy that can exhaust you even more. Therefore it becomes essential for you to make your bed every day.

We advise you to make your bed and fold your blankets just after you wake up every morning. This way the impulse to go back to bed for that 5 more minute sleep will go away and when you come home after work you will have the well-made bed inviting you to relax.

# Have A Time Bound Cleaning Routine 

Spare a couple of minutes to clean your home daily every morning or night whatever time suits you. Having a cleaning routine keeps the house neat at all times but you need to stick to that routine. Even if you take out 10 minutes to vacuum the place daily it could make a huge difference.

You could add deep cleaning your house in the routine every weekend or every fortnight. For deep cleaning, if you don't have much time in your hands you could get external help if you want.

# Weekly Cleaning Schedule

After you include cleaning in your daily routine it would be advisable for you to make a weekly cleaning schedule. Daily cleaning the same place can be mundane. Include different cleaning tasks on different days or you could include different areas of your house to be cleaned on different days. For example, you could make a schedule for every day based on are like living room Mondays, bedroom Tuesdays, kitchen Thursdays, etc. or you could schedule it according to tasks example laundry Sundays, dusting Mondays, etc.

# Adopt A No Shoe Policy At Home 

Followed in many Indian other Asian households no shoe-in-home policy has many benefits. It is proven that by leaving shoes at the door, you avoid poisons, soil, leaves, and other goods that quickly dirty up floors from entering your house. Rather than letting outside shoes into your house, you could have a set of slippers just for the home and the outside shoes should be kept at the entrance of the house. This regime not only increases the hygiene of the house but also will keep your home impeccable.

Sure, having a clean and tidy house is lovely, but it takes effort and time. We tried to offer you a list of things you may do to maintain your house clean without spending a lot of time on it. We hope you found some useful tips for keeping your home clean and lovely in your daily life.

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