10 Tips to Set a Perfect Guest Room

10 Tips to Set a Perfect Guest Room

10 Tips to Set a Perfect Guest Room

When you say 'feel at home,' do you mean it?

 The happiness and peacefulness we have at our home are hardly found outside. One of the main reasons would be that we have all we need, at our home. Be it luxurious or minimal, big or tiny, as far as we can find all those essentials in our nest we thrive to come back soon wherever we fly. 

But have you ever experienced something that you didn't feel like going back home when you stayed somewhere? If you had, there are a couple of reasons behind that warmth of welcoming you feel inside. Though the quality and wavelength of your relationship with the host matter a lot, providing a neat and cosy guest bedroom can also be one of those influencing factors of your comfort. 

So what about giving that cosiness to our guests too? It will be a great feeling making them feel at home for sure. 

Now, Let's start thinking about the guest bedroom. What are those things you should provide in a guest bedroom to make the best memories for your lovely guests?

Create the Perfect guest room with these 10 tips:

1. Keep it simple and clean

Dumbing all the fancy stuff and storing your no more needed items will make your guest bedroom look like a clumsy fancy store. Overcrowded space will always look untidy and not organised. What will be our first thought while we enter such a room? So to make it look neat, first, you should avoid all those unnecessary items scattered around the room. Keep it simple and away from dust and nasty smells. Fresh fragrance is always an added on to boost our good vibes. 


2. Functional furniture

Not too much furniture is needed in a guest room. Simplicity and functionality are what you should have in mind while selecting furniture for your guest bedroom. More storage space should be allowed as your guests may have some luggage with them. So rather than trying to impress them with fashionable and costly furniture, buy some useful furniture that is functional and can truly meet their needs. Give importance to low maintenance, multipurpose furniture pieces to create that cool guest room.


3. Minimum decorations

If you have that habit of collecting souvenirs or cute wall decors, please try not to showcase them in your guest bedroom. Let your aesthetic sense find some other way to get noticed. Keeping the walls minimal with one or two classy decor pieces would be nice for a guest bedroom. We can not change the theme of the bedroom for every guest we receive so keeping it simple and minimal pleases everyone alike. 


4. Clean and cosy bed

Rest is essential, maybe after having a long drive or not. By receiving and accommodating guests we offer them a place to rest and relax too. Investing in soft and comfortable mattresses should be your priority if you want your guests to feel relaxed. Not having enough sleep is a major issue we all face when we change our usual sleeping place. But a good mattress, preferably with cotton or any other soft material can reduce sleeplessness. Make sure your bed is dust free and clean before letting your guests in. Mattress protectors and bed comforters will also be helpful if you want to make the bed cosy even more. And try to use pillows with microfibre fillings to get real softness. Anyway, ensure your guests a quality sleep with affordable and quality bedding.


5. Empty closet and wardrobe

A common need for every guest room is enough storage space. To keep their luggage and clothes clutter-free you should provide them with a spacious closet or a cupboard. Organize the space neatly if you put something in it, it will be better if you haven't any. Because your guest will love it if you can give them a space to unpack their items. A mirror is yet another thing we should not miss as it is essential for getting ready.


6. Comfy seating area

Your guests will appreciate a comfy chair or a recliner sofa when they have their private time. They can relax and read something if there is a corner with a comfy couch. Placing an upholstered armchair or side chair in the room with a table and lamp close by is a great idea. It depends on the space available in the room that you can select the size and type of the chair. Many comfortable recliners are available in different materials including leather and leatherette. Select the ones suitable for your pocket and room to keep your guests happy.


7. Toiletries

Keep some basic toiletries in a basket, that your guests can use accordingly. It can include soap, shampoo, conditioner, disposable razors, combs, band-aids, pads, face towels and tissues etc. All the necessities for getting fresh and cleaning must be there in the toiletry basket. 

Place the basket on the counter of the guest bathroom. 


8. Writing table and chair

A table that can be used for writing or placing laptops, along with a chair will be useful for your guests if they need to deal with any urgent office work. If needed, it can be used even as a mini dining area too. They can keep their laptop, phone and charging cables etc. A notepad and pen holder with pens also would be an addition to their convenience. Better providing even an empty table and chair is enough than no writing space at all.


9. Extra blankets and towels

Your guest may need an extra blanket or towels due to some unexpected reasons. So be prepared with some extras that can help you avoid the last-minute rush. Keep an extra blanket, bedsheet, towels and pillow cover reachable for them. Try giving them that soft comforter too, it will be appreciated for sure.


10. Keep their privacy 

A set of spare keys, drawers with a proper lock is needed to make them feel secure. And also you should wisely select the curtains of the windows as they might not be so thin to see through. To protect their privacy as well as to control the light in the room you can choose blinds too. Safety and privacy are never negligible.

A guest bedroom can be a better place or a bitter place, based on how you set them. Through the warm welcome, we extend, and with the right preparations, we make for our guests, we are offering them some memorable days that will make them feel at home. 

Creating an amazing guest bedroom is easy if you have gone through the best home textile shops that offer you worth for your money and relationships.

Have good memories and make the best relationships.

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