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Urban Basics: Your One Stop Shop to Buy Furniture Online

Being a homeowner is a wonderful feeling. Decorating it even better. Buying furniture, setting it, and creating your own personal haven is an emotion like none other. It takes a lot of effort and planning to do so. We understand this, which is why Urban Basics has come with an online space where you can buy all the essentials of a perfect home. Not just essentials, you can also buy sofa set online as we have some amazing home design sofa sets that will fit your living room perfectly. To give your sofa set a complete look, buy cushions in the latest styles from our collection that features hundreds of designs.

Shop Furniture Online and Home Furnishings from a Wide Range

Just like clothes, trends change in home décor too. So if you want the latest styles in home décor then we have it all. We are your online store for everyday home essentials. Specializing in furnishing, we have a full range you can check out. Buy double bed sheets for your bedroom, recliners to relax after a long day, mattress protectors to keep your mattresses safe from all the mess that kids create, and Soft cozy pillows to doze off to sleep as soon as you lay your head down.

Why go around looking in furniture stores for the latest collections when we have it all here just a click away? Check out our range of home furniture like living room design sofa set, Mattress Protector(Cover) pillow cover and recliners along with furnishings for your bedroom as well. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping now !